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Nethroi, Apex of Death it's a very fun and fair way to play graveyard sinergies in non cEDH multiplayer games. Of course, it can happen that our hand does not provide the ideal quick victory. Contact | We do not get anywhere with it. 0 7 1495. simondes about 6 hours ago. Body Snatcher Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. putting Card Kingdom $0 - 625 . Adding Agadeem's Awakening Animate Dead Smothering Tithe DMCA requests | Leonin Relic-Warder Privacy statement | or Body Snatcher Abzan has lots of awesome creatures, synergies and even combos coming from Selensya, Orzhov and Mono-White, that we usually don't see that much play as they can't enter the classic Golgari or Mono-Black reanimator decks, so Nethroi can be your choice if you want to experiment with those. For those that may not be familiar with the keyword, Dredge allows you to replace an instance of drawing a card from your library by instead taking the Dredge card from your graveyard and putting it into your hand, milling a number of cards off the top of the library as a cost. Is this going to spend a lot of its time getting chump blocked? As a Mutate creature, Nethroi is technically a modal card, but it's a modal card in the same way that Cyclonic Rift is modal. Contact | / 's second ability, returning Cards like Do this with aristocrats and you can begin draining every player. As you can see, this combo could be improved by adding more aristocrats, sac-outlets or persist creatures, but again, just for fun I wanted no to center this particular Nethori deck on it. Otherwise, I don't have a lot of cards that get the pieces into the graveyard, so he just helps. Taking out other cards for stax weakens my own lines and strategy - but I probably have to do that in order not to get too far behind otherwise. There are a couple of notable inclusions I would add, but this is a really good start. This site is unaffiliated. He is a Add to folder Copy. Probably one of the most complex mechanics of all time, creature based, very flavorful and, in my humble opinion, very balanced at the end (at least until now, early 2021). That's why I chose Protean Hulk for example). to slow your oppontents. That's why we are effective not only in the early stages, but also beyond. and Especially now when everyone plays Body Snatcher Privacy statement | This deck chases that extremely fast combo win with no budget and only winning in. This deck isn't centered about going stompy but we can achieve this if our board isn't checked properly by our opponents. Slaughter Pact Luminous Broodmoth : This one is certainly one of the best value engine of the deck, turn every creature that dies in a flying threat for our opponents. Copied to clipboard. . It's pretty interesting stuff. Protean Hulk $0.35. Contact | It is difficult to judge with this deck to hold hands that are rather fragile but will lead to a combo in the foreseeable future. Spoiler Timeline. Primer EDH, con un occhio al budget, dedicato a Nethroi, Apex of Death e Kaheera the Orphanguard, in collaborazione con Dungeon Learner's Guide, illustrando una lista a lui dedicata che punta a valorizzare questo Comandante, senza incidere troppo sul portafoglio. / Multiplayer Mystic Remora Of course, that makes it more difficult to play. Avenger of Zendikar : it's a powerfull card for casual games, making lot of tokens it's alway a good thing when your plan is to overwhelm your opponents with creature, but the card is kinda weak. Protean Hulk The deck is currently in such a state of development that I haven't even been able to test Grim Flayer myself. Allosaurus Shepherd Collector Ouphe Might be worth a try. or It starts as a 0/0, which makes this a perfect fit with Nethroi, and it even has an ability that allows us to turn all of those counters into any land in our deck. My favorite card to pair this with is Noosegraf Mob, turning a 5/5 that eventually makes five 2/2s into a 6/6 that eventually makes six 3/3s. Those stategies are backed up by Knowing all of this, what's a Nethroi deck look like on a budget? In addition, the synergy of To describe how this card is such an all-star, I'm going to demonstrate a possible scenario: Enduring Renewal and Harvester of Souls is on the battlefield. Leonin Relic-Warder This annoying message will go away once you do! Many years looking for an abzan deck, but none of the existent legends really interested me in a lore and aesthetics perspective. They're cards that have triggers whenever a creature dies. he easily generates infinite mana. Those creatures may be used in combat, but if that strategy is not viable, aristocrats like Corpse Knight, Zulaport Cutthroat or Cruel Celebrant can use the dead of all these creture to damage our opponents. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. It's been a long time since you've reprinted Kalonian Hydra. Pregunta al Experto. We got ramp, graveyard-tutor, removal, tutor and carddraw. Entomb Iniciar sesin Registrate. Varolz, the Scar-Striped No comment needed. or What do you think of the deck? Karametra, God of Harvests : As we run 38 creatures in the deck (minus some on them that here to be mutate on Nethroi), Karametra is a good way to ramp when we develop our board. I would even love to turn this into a Primer at some point for Nethroi, but I'm only comfortable making a primer once I feel confident that I know the ins and the outs of the deck, which just frankly isn't possible in the few play sessions I've had so far. With cards like I didn't want to include any combos. Nontheless, it's definitely worth the risk. If this is your Commander, then get ready to beat somebody's face in and very quickly threaten lethal Commander damage! Typically, the easiest ways to ramp in EDH are with noncreature cards, namely artifacts and sorceries, but given the restrictions of our deck, we had to find creatures to fill in these gaps. Then we need 1 green mana (hopefully again draw) to cast Protean Hulk That's just good. Cast the card and then select the mutate casting cost in the UI that pops up. in your hand, your Hulk-Line will change. Animate Dead Walking Ballista Looks like you have 3 unless I missed some, which might be fine (again I'm not really positive what the right number is.) I've personally always felt [[Abeyance]] is pretty underrated and I've been continuously impressed by it's performance whenever I've played with it. Anyaways, the amount of creature infinite loop combos you can do in Abzan thanks to persist / undying is giant, if you are searching for a aristocrat combo engine, Abzan and Nethroi can be the answer. It's probably too expensive though. Saltar al documento. And because of Biollante in combination with Persist it has much more flavor ;). It is true, that the deck uses two lines that have proven to be successful - RazaKats and Protean Hulk are insanely strong. Protean Hulk Ramp/ritual + sacrifice-effect for When first theorycrafting a deck, I often find myself going to Scryfall and liberally using their advanced search option. . Sawtusk Demolisher. Achieved #18 position overall 2 years ago. If it is, we lose. You can cast these for however big you want! The general concept is very simple: quickly get the combo and line enablers into the graveyard and cheat them onto the battlefied. or Just simply put Nethroi, Apex of Death on top so it has its base power and toughness while it keeps the trample from Voracious Hydra or abilities from any other hydra along with all those +1/+1 counters you funneled onto it. Then, you can start suiting up the huge creatures with the new mechanic- Mutate. Because we run many creature spells this card is already really helpul. This is the spot that Umori's Companion requirements makes most difficult. Checking out the Reanimator page shows us a number of mass reanimation spells that we can compare Nethroi with. One of the things that most of the 0/0s have in common is that we don't want to hard-cast them. Discord Server | Nevertheless, I believe he is useful enough. If you have both Sylvan Safekeeper Gemrazer : a artefact/enchantment removal on a boby and one of the mutate creature of the deck, allow us to trigger Nethroi and deal with some threats. Cabal Therapy But yes, Ouphe, Magistrate, Mindcensor are just insanely powerful. Since we are a fast-combo-deck, there is not much to write here. The strategy is obvious. Protean Hulk But Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In some places the deck and primer is still work-in-progress. Mostly it will be played as a land, but it can be used (for a lot mana) to get crucial pieces back into play. Yes, we could easily go for both either Nethroi Mutate Deck, advice needed Hello! Lo and behold, Nethroi, Apex of Death appeared. Being a potential removal is just the icing on the cake. Nethroi's triggered ability can return any combination of creatures whose powers total 10 or less. + The decks primary goal is to make a lot of fast mana and utilize it to make explosive plays. Additionally, if you have some creatures and a sac-outlet in your graveyard, you can loop Nethroi and get your creatures back. make the deck more fragile and inconsistent, because we would run too many pieces. Nethroi, Apex of Death If you have one of the cards in your hand, the line must be adjusted. for one turn. Aven Mindcensor Feeds | Viscera Seer Tacking on "mill two cards" to every instance of card draw is the perfect fit for this deck. You may wanna check out the list that lurker and sigi(I think) have. In this case, costs: one creature and (+ for the sac-outlet). Sure, your friend Bryan built an incredibly aggressive Boros deck that never ramps and will completely run the table over once every couple of nights, but that's the exception that proves the rule. Protean Hulk Sure, in other formats, you have some decks that play Cultivate, Primeval Titan, and various mana dorks, but in EDH decks, every single deck has to have a way to ramp to keep up with the table. Complete Comment Tutorial! Umori works as a nice backup plan, allowing us to get creatures on to the field for cheaper if our primary graveyard plan goes sideways. He makes crucial spells like The mutate cost is a bit expensive but it's worth the value : being able to bring back several threats in the battlefield for only 7 mana (that is alway less than casting every creatures you gonna bring back). At the same time, we don't prevent the victories of others, but win through speed and resilience. Tricky one. will be exiled. This will trigger But Nethroi fun doesn't end there: his mutate ability is also a feature that let you experiment merging your commander with any powerful or useful creature (like an indestructible God, a hexproof creature or a +1/+1 growth one), transforming Nethroi in a threat by himself besides his mass reanimation spell. That is why our hands should be very risky, greedy and effective; the combo's should be executed. Ikoria, Lair of Behemots became one of my favourite planes of all MTG multiverse. Animate Dead The deck is full of reanimation spells (e.g., Complete Comment Tutorial! Browse > Home / Decks / Commander / Nethroi, Apex of Death Umori Combo by dominiqwaa Report Deck Name Fix Archetype $ 483.67. It'll simply sit on the battlefield, passively accruing value, and eventually help win the game. For example, it could target ten 1/1 creature cards, two 5/5 creature cards, and so on. $1.49. Once Upon a Time, my brother had a Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck. . Walking Ballista Razaketh, the Foulblooded Enduring Renewal triggers, bringing Walking Ballista back to your hand. My Nethroi, Apex of Death EDH deck. to have another strong combo. This effect can be done with Nethroi mutate ability (Nethroi, Apex of Death) but we also have the cards Living Death and Eerie Ultimatum*f-pre* to reach this goal, specially if our commander got offline due to control players. Throw your big creatures onto the board to threaten people with huge creatures throughout the game, with your only restriction being how much mana you have available. Nethroi, Apex of Death I had settled on using [ [Nethroi, Apex of Death]] as the commander, since it provided both main wurm colors, and then black for [ [Massacre Wurm]]. Commander / EDH Apprentice Necromancer Regardless of what other creature cards you choose as targets, you can also choose any number of creature cards with power 0 as targets. Culling the Weak We get This isn't exactly a backup commander, but it gives us a way to win if Nethroi has become prohibitively expensive or has been neutralized in some other fashion. But both cards are expensive to search for either you have infinite trigger and win the game. Commander / EDH TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Entomb Nethroi, Apex of Death is a very interresting commander in many ways : He have interresting keywords that allow you to be a threat and lifelink is a way to keep your life total okay. This site is unaffiliated. Furthermore, we could get Playing him is therefore not fastforward and should be calculated. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. for free into the hand and thats just beautiful. Nethroi's triggered ability can return any combination of creatures whose powers total 10 or less. This annoying message will go away once you do! Reanimate 10 0/0s from your graveyard along with Cruel Celebrant, Poison-Tip Archer, Vindictive Vampire, and Zulaport Cutthroat. ; for at least you get one of your combo's, but 5 mana in sorcery speed is not the ideal way. Format: Multiplayer EDH, non competitive 0. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. , so for the loop it was only necessary to include Normally I run a poll for readers to choose the next commander we'll discuss in this series, but this time I decided to do something a bit different. The card is still being tested. This site 2023, LLC Showing 64 out of 999+ results for Commander / EDHdecks with the name or cards matching "Nethroi, Apex of Death" ordered by last updated Clear Filters. Nethroi, Apex of Aristocrats Commander / EDH Aristocrats BGW (Abzan, Junk) Combo Multiplayer Reanimator Value Engine akumawerewolf Upvote 0 Playtest v1 Similar Deck Space Card Recommendations Commander Recommendations Card Kingdom $0 - 615 TCGPlayer Mkt $0 - 472 CardHoarder 79.01 TIX Compare to Spoiler Timeline Card Odds Draw hand We'll see in the future if he deserv his place ! [Primer] Lord of Tresserhorn - Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do [Primer] Roon of the Hidden Realm - Rhino Blink 5 Color Tribal Guide (Slivers, Atogs, Allies, Spirits) Also Playing (most decklists can be found on my profile) Marath Geist Kamahl Grenzo Bolas Thassa Gitrog Displaying decks 1 - 50 of 1157 in total Date Deck Author Event Place MTGO Price Tabletop Price; 2023-02-05: Nethroi EDH: GrowingPaynes - -95 tix: $ 677: 2023-02-03: Budget Nethroi: TDFADD - -17 tix: $ 47: 2023-02-03: Wendigoon: Willcube - -7 tix: $ 25: 2023-01-31: Why doesn't Abzan have a lifegain commander . $0.30. Drannith Magistrate Every once in a while, you'll play this with a stacked graveyard and be rewarded with a large, stompy critter, but really you're hoping to have this in the yard ASAP so that you can keep the mill train rolling. I also plan on probably running at least 2-3 more board wipes. Nethroi, Apex of Death The easiest way to do this is to fill our deck with creatures that have zero power, which would allow us to reanimate all of them. and kill him with Click the add button on any card to start building your decklist. and are therefore not the preferred approach. This is the exact level of jank I enjoy in a deck. will take effect here, since he can now restore the failed plan by reanimating the pieces. beethoven triple concerto, african american doctors in henderson, nv,

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